Guys: What are some texts you like getting from girls?

There's this guy that I talk to a lot via text message. Sometimes he texts me, other times I'll text him. He usually only texts if he has a good reason, such as asking my how my play went, asking me if I had Facebook so I could check out his song on there-things like that. When I text him I usually just say something like hey =)...I've probably sent this same text 4-5 times and I think it's probably getting old and boring! the first few times I sent it he's say hey =) how are you? and it was great then on out..but the last maybe 3 times he just texted I'm wondering if it's getting boring saying that so many times. Guys are there any more creative texts you'd like to get from a girl? A way of saying hey and not too flirty, but more interesting and fun! Girls can answer too..Thanks!


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  • Voice is so much better than texting. Text's can be read in wrong context. You might think you're sounding like a smartass in a text for fun, and on the other end they read it, and think you're an ass...

    With voice, you can put your sarcasim into the convo, and so on. But if you really insist on texting, each guy is different.


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  • call each other, speek words rather, than type them, that puts some thought, in the conversation, and exposes feelings.

  • " Hayy baby getting wet thinking about your big c0ck right now..ttly xoxoxo :3 "


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