Is it a good idea or is it creepy?

So prom is this weekend and I still don't have a date...I want to ask the guy I work with, who is also the boss' son...I don't want to ask him in person because I'm scared of rejection and making things awkward...My friend and I came up with this idea for me to send him a text saying " ah aha ya I wish too bad I never say him so I could ask him :$ ". If he replies then id say that I by accident sent it to the wrong person and hope he gets the hint...Do you think that its a good idea or not? Thoughts, opinions and advice GREATLY appreciated :)


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  • well do you even like him ?!

    • ya, I have a massive crush on him :P

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    • The message should be a very clear sign for him, " If you never ask the answer is always NO " Good Luck ;-)

    • thanks! :)

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