What do I say when I call this girl?

Ok, so I was introduced to this girl at work. Our first meeting was awkward and I didn't know how to think about the interaction. afterward, the friends who introduced us kept talking to us about each other. She told them that she would give me her number if I asked for it. meanwhile, I was being pressured to ask her. I finally got the courage to, but I couldn't find her at work. After she found out I was looking for her, she gave her number to the coworker who introduced us to give to me.

Finally, today I saw her in person and got the courage to ask her out. She said sure...we debated on a time and where...we came up with Friday. I told her I have her number so I could call her and figure it out then.

When I call her, what should I say? Should I ask her if she would like to ride together or meet at the restaurant? Its going to be a casual date and I think she was thinking right when she gets off work. Any thoughts?


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  • When you call, just be yourself. Relax take a deep breathe, and talk. Ask her the normal stuff, how has she been, anyhting new in her life, etc. Then if you if you feel comfortable ask her out for casual drink, not a "date" just a friendly drink and then, see where it goes from there I hope this helps!


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