I want a boyfriend! I'm single for 3 years long. No love life, no dates, no textmate, no boys at all.

I'm single for 3 years long.

No love life, no dates, no text mate, no boys at all.

For the past years of being unattached I entertain myself in reading books. And in every guy I meet or see I compare them to the hero of the books I read.

How can I start looking for a guy?

I want to meet Mr. you know.

It’s depressing, at the age of 22 or 23 some of my batch mate and friends are married and expecting a baby.

But me, me I don’t have any.


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  • Don't expect a super hero, knight, prince, mr.perfect, or anything like that. Everyone has faults, and a lot of those can change. I suggest that when you read, you read your books in public, that way you still have a chance at getting to know some guys. But you gotta make sure you're in sight for guys to take notice of you. Don't be upset that a guy starts talking with you while you're reading, he's a potential friend/date. don't jump into sex, make sure you weed out all the players by making them go out on a couple dates with you and prove they are interested in you, you will also be able to figure out if you are interested in them.

    don't worry about the marriage/baby thing, babys are insane and marriage at an early age isn't really what you should be looking forward to =/

    • actually when I'm reading a book and someone started to talk to me I got irritated. haha! now I know I must avoid that..

      i am to young to have a baby :p I only want a bf.

      thanks for the advise

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  • hey don't feel so down, I'm on the same boat as you, most of my friends are engaged, going to get married or married. And I'm 26..I know what your gonna say but your a guy. To be honest with you I've had my heart broken one to many times, never really had a girlfriend well I had one when I was 18 but it doesn't count she's a stalker. My advice to you is just go with the flow you'll run into him sooner or later.

    • thank you.. :)

      been heart broken when I also 18.. bad experience but I learned a lot

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    • really ? woah that's messed unless he's into the same s*x or saving himself

    • Nah! He looks for another girl who can give him what he need.

  • It sounds like your expectations are too high, if you are comparing them to fictional heroes.

    • not to high.. just a hero type guy :))

    • You don't think a "hero type guy" is asking a lot?!

    • i just want a guy who will makes me laugh and smile even with no apparent reason haha!

      makes me feel I'm worth it and will look at me as if I'm the most beautiful girl he sees

      just the thought of him .. ;)

  • It's been a year here.

  • "For the past years of being unattached I entertain myself in reading books. And in every guy I meet or see I compare them to the hero of the books I read. "

    For starters, real life isn't a goddamn fairytale, and if you're expecting to find the perfect man, forget it, he doesn't exist. Sounds to me like you've got that damned Disney Princess complex that so many women today seem to have. You want some sort of extraordinary guy to come into your life and sweep ordinary little you off your feet.

    Put down your brooding vampire-fairy books and start putting yourself out there. Go out with friends, and put yourself in places where you might meet people.

    • i don't like vampire-fairy books.

      i like more on Greek Mythology ;p

      every week we go to the bar :)

  • If you're comparing the men in the real world, to the heros of fiction, they will never measure up and you'll never find one to be happy with.

    First step? Put down the childrens tales and grow up.

    • i'll try.. bad habits are hard to kill.

      is reading a book a bad habit?

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    • Reading isn't a bad habit. But thinking that real life men are like the men in your fiction, is a bad habit.

    • I can’t help it. But promise I will avoid it . :D

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  • Umm, life isn't always about relationships you know... there's more to life than that. Just hang in there and talk to some guys (but just don't jump into bed with them too soon) or there's a chance they will lose interest and think you're a hoe.


    • maybe when I wait for Mr. you know I indulge myself to different activity like sports.. ;)

      Thanks gals cheers!

  • Don't worry I bet your prince is just waiting for the perfect time to come waltzing in your life !

    • haha thanks :)

      hope to find my happiness soon ;p