Need some honest advice from males please! Wanna know what's going on in his mind!

I really like this guy, he's neither a friend or not kinda a colleague.

can you give me some insight into this? When we first started talking he said he thinks I'm 'genuine' is that anything? and also said that 'I'm a good girl'

The main issue is this; one minute he gives me signals to say yeah I like you, and other times I think he's just being polite, he's super sweet with me, but then again can turn and be cold with me too? (like not even bother talking to me?)

Is it because he doesn't know how to act around me? He makes me feel awkward at times too, sure I do the same to him!

Can give more info if you would like, thanks for any honest/genuine answers


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  • Well, your guesses are as good as mine. And by that, I mean that he "could possibly like you".

    I could imagine myself acting like him with girls I'm interested in. In fact, I have done exactly that. The apparent coldness could be shyness, and him wondering if he's doing the right thing, because he's not sure how to move forward. And I know that if I call a girl "genuine" then that's definitely a good thing. I wouldn't say that for the heck of it.

    On the other hand, I could imagine that for some other guys, this wouldn't really mean much of anything. We're going by a few choice words he said to you, and for different people, their words mean different things.

    So with the information you've given, I can't really say more. I think you should try talking to him some more and see where it goes. He seems friendly enough, so nothing really to lose.

    • Hey thanks for your answer! Just going to try and be his friend and see if it leads onto something more :)

    • Sounds like a good plan :)

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  • Sounds like he likes you. He could have other things on his mind that are changing his mood. Give an example of how he is being cold?

    • Doesn't initiate convo most of the time, or ever text me first. Yeah he's come out of a long term relationship so that could be on his mind. But when I ask for help he usually bends over backwards to help me, but because he's such a nice guy, think he'd do that to anyone :/

    • That is just how some guys are. Give it time. He will warm up to you and become more open.

  • Its likely that he has nor seen you that way. He may not be looking for anyone . What you can do is to become good friends with him, find out if he has someone and then let him know you're interested. But before that show out your positives to him, so some stuff together like hanging out, shopping etc. Then you'll have a better chance

  • I wrote an article on this. YOU might find it helpful

    • Yeah I would say he treats me v differently to everyone else that we both know, but still I don't think he likes me! I don't know he's hot and cold? I don't know tbh :/

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    • Cause I wanted you to understand the reasoning.

      Give a man a fish... versus teach him to fish.

    • LOL when it comes to guys I am completely cluless TBH! Just really like this guy and really want something to happen, never felt such strong feelings for a guy before! :)

  • I guess he is plain unsure..

    U need to let him know what you are looking he is just gone through a breakup he might be a tad sckeptical...

    tell him how wild you r..tell him you okay with a casual dating relation...that might open his side up and make it easy for him to be around you...

    coz if you want a long term and if he doesn't want..he might be better shutting his feelings than go through another bad one

    • ? Unsure of me? How do I let him know? What's the best thing to say without looking desperate lol

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    • Well because he's said no I feel stupid asking him directly out one on one, and it wasn't just my friends I also said bring his too. I don't know feel way too conscious/scared of asking him out.

    • You are anyways loosing him out. The worst thing that can happen is that he might decline. But think if he can turn on your charm?

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