Guys, when dating what keeps you interested in a women?

I am just curious about what keeps a guy interested in a women when dating? What would have your mind thinking about the next level or relationship? What are your do's and dont's for a women to keep you on your toes.


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  • well I think (1) the way she talks (2) her appearance keeps the guy interested

    -if she's being nice to me every time when I meet her then I'll think whether to go further with her or just move on

    - DO's- dress nicely,wear a good perfume, and listen to him while he's talking

    -DON'T's- don't act needy or weird :P , you can tell him what are your likes-dislikes and your stories but not TOO MUCH though that he finds you boring..!

    • Thanks because I have dated guys that are interested in me for who I am but I was just curious. I hit all the spots you mentioned:) I hung out with this guy I met not too long ago and he grabbed my attention. It was a group hang out (4 people) but not a date. He is on vacation and have been for about a week. I told him to have fun and that I would see him when I see him Lol. I feel tempted to text him because I used to every morning (he comes back tomorrow). but don't want to come off as clingy.

    • your welcome :)

      be what you are but like I said don't be clingy though.. good luck

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