Should I give him a chance, I don't know what to do? :/

So there's this kid that has been going after me since senior year in high school BUT there are so many things that seem wrong with him.

- like I remember that in high school he went out with this chick for about a year and a half and the week before prom he was like 'omg I love her' blah blah blah, and immediately, the week of prom, he asked me to go with him! just cause they had an argument or something, I was like 'wtf you're in love with her'.. I said no.

-he seems very controlling and manipulative he told me that I was going to join his "business" of henna tattooing cause I 'look arabian' and that I wasn't gonna say no, and he was forcing me to learn arabic and he wanted me to dress like a belly dancer, etc.

- he just broke up with his (new) girlfriend of a year like 2 weeks ago and already asked me to go to the movies with him and wants to hang out. I don't know I got a really weird vibe out of that cause it seems like he just won't take no for an answer and wants things his way or the highway.

- my parents can see that there's something strange and have told me that he seems very manipulative as well

-i just get a weird vibe from him, he seems like a cool friend but I don't know about boyfriend.. everyone tells me to go for it, but shouldn't my comfort come first?


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  • If you're looking for substantiation, you've got it here.

    Trust your intuition, especially when your parents agree with you and add another trait (manipulative).

    This guy is bad news.


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