How much is too much?

I met this guy online and we met up as a group (his boy and my girl) to watch the NBA playoffs. I am sure he is interested. He would text me first or sometime I would and that is what I like. We text'd every day in the morning..short and simple...more of a good morning. He left for vacation a week ago and return tomorrow. Before he left we tried to meet up (just me and him) before he went on vacation but didn't happen. He told me to let him know when I am ready. I didn't want to seem too available so I decided to hit him up when he return. I told him to have fun and that I would see him when I see him lol... A whole week went by since I stopped texting him..I only stopped so he can enjoy his vacation.I want to text him before he comes back or should I? What should I text him to keep it going again...I just don't want him to think I lost interest. How much is too much texting?


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  • Texting every few days is perfectly fine (2-4 days) inbetween.

    Text him now if you want to say, "I hope you're enjoying your vacation, and cannot wait to see you soon."

    He'll respond.

    Then you can let him know when you are available. If you want to keep the text going ask all the fun and interesting things he did while he was away.

    • thanks I just text him "I hope you are enjoying your been crazy safe coming back and looking forward to hanging out again:)"...I didn't get a text back yet but I am not expecting it. I just wanted him to know that I am still interested. I live in OK and you probably have heard about the weather? (hail storm and tornadoes) It is going to be another round tonight (sigh).

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    • lol he just text "just landed in Houston, be in OKC tomorrow" We live in OKC excited but I am also keeping in mind to take it slow...I don't want to come off as being needy. I just want to hang out and see what happens. I like him. Finally someone closer to my age (dated guys 4 years younger)...he has a Masters, no I have to see what he is all about. He also told me that he is picky. We still talking lol...I guess its looking good so far. I am going to continue to be myself.

    • Take your own advice. You are doing well, and not coming off as needy at all :).

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