Why does this keep happening to me......?

EVERY time I start talking to someone new, we get along good & stuff, thinking that it's probably going to move forward and then bam! I find out that he is taken. This always happens to me, when I like a guy, he acts like he's single, then I find out that he's either married or has a girlfriend. This sucks! What am I doing wrong here?


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  • let me tell you,it happen every where.but continue your searching ,one day,you will get what you want in multiple.by then you are the first person to tell people how good is your newly boy friend his.

  • Everyone is more friendly with the opposite gender when they are already in a committed relationship. The Sexual Tension is gone for them making conversation with other people easy. Just keep being your outgoing self, maybe one of those guys you talked to will remember you after they breakup with their girlfriend.


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