I'm broke but I want to take her on a date - suggestions?

i don't have much money for a date

but I still want to take her out on a date.


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  • Some of the best dates I have ever been on were the ones that didn't cost much at all. Picnics are always fun (as long as it's a sunny day). Going for a drive is fun. Even renting movies and making her a dinner is fun.


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  • Try walking around a park, maybe a picnic, and if your lucky enough to live by a beach, go there. Any place that has nice sceanery is a given for a good date. You can try going to a zoo to, zoos usually have cheap admition and a lot of things that will make a first date fun! Ice skating is also usually cheap if you happen to know where an ice rink is. Hope this helps!

  • picnic.. is the best.. I don't know if your 21 or if she is... but if you both are.. you can probably get a bag of chips and cheese and crackers for like 8 bucks and an ok bottle of wine for like 10 bucks.. thus keeping it to an 18 dollar date lol.. or if you live a lone you can always attempt to cook for her and watch a dvd at your place.. one of those pasta bags and come microwavable chicken will prob do.. girls won't be mean about it.. we are usually too shy to care...


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