Is he saying he doesn't want to talk on the phone anymore?

to talk on the phone anymore?

today I asked my boyfriend of 9 months why he doesn't call me anymore

first he said he does, then he said I don't give him a chance and then he said I'm always texting you everyday talking to you it's like the same thing

i take that as him not wanting to talk on the phone anymore, am I right?

why wouldn't he want to talk on the phone anymore?

he used to call me on break at work, at night and sometimes when he got home from work. he won't call unless we fight about it then he will stop again

also should I be worried?


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  • The only reason you should be worried is if you keep bothering him about this. He said you don't give him a chance, which means he doesn't have a reason to contact you because you're always beating him to it. You're in contact with him and don't need to talk on the phone all the time. Give him a little space and you'll find that he will contact you when he has something to say.