How do I deal with a girl who's well messed up?

we hooked up and all but she came from a real messed up home is a bad alcoholic...just had a real messed up childhood but she's sweet...and not long ago and I kinda lashed out at her for being rude now I feel bad and she ain't talking to me Because she's mad how can I make her talk to me again. I apologized and said I cared about her, but not response.

she has been in many abusive relationships and had miscarriage 2 4 years ago seems to have intimacy issues according to her and is self conscious about her body even tho I say she's lovely.

i know I should avoid this one Because she's a ticking time bomb but she is sweet and I seem to want to help her Because she's so wounded even tho I know I really can't but I just want her to be my friend again don't know how to handle this one. any help


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  • aw, she needs help :/

    you shouldn't have lashed out at her.

    leave her a message on the answering machine and send her flowers.

    if she isn't talking to you even then, then just let her be. don't force it.


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  • See her in person, buy some flowers, and look into her eyes and say you're sorry and you f***ed up.