Leading a guy on vs. Trying a guy out?

What do you guys think is the difference between leading a guy on, and trying out a guy for a relationship and chemistry and all that? Do you think this kind of view of trying a guy out for a couple of days is only appropriate for a certain age group?


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  • To us, there really is no difference. It's all leading on if the follow-through doesn't lead to an actual relationship. Why should you, before beginning the courting process, have any doubts? If there are doubts, then why suppress them if you feel they'll become important later? That's setting yourself up for a romance to fail.

    I've been lead-on so many times in my life it isn't funny. And when I've found out the girls' true motives; I cannot even begin to describe the sense of feeling betrayed and used. It's one reason I am so reluctant to trust anyone with anything today.


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  • Leading a guy on -

    Letting a guy think you have feelings for him when there is nothing there.

    Trying a guy out -

    You are interested in getting to know this guy. Something can grow from the relationship you currently have, only time will tell.

    • Just be open and honest to this guy about your intentions. Then he won't get confused.

  • Leading a guy on is so wrong, it's like giving him hope that one day you'll see him as more or that you are acutally going to give him a chance.Trying a guy out should be something you both can like talk about and see if it could develop into more in the future.

    • okay, follow up question. Is it considered leading on if you don't know you don't want a relationship yet, or is it considered trying out and not feeling it?

    • In his mind, there is no difference. "Trying out" in that sense and leading on are the same thing. A sincere apology is critical if you feel you've made a mistake. Don't let his feelings grow deeper longer. The more you put off righting the wrong, the worse it will be when he discovers your betrayal.

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