"Hang-out" suggestion = date?

Today I went to view an apartment -- this guy's been doing an internship in my city, but now has to move back to the East coast to finish the rest of his degree... I responded to his ad for a sub-letter and today we met up so that I could have a tour of the apartment/building.

Turns out, this guy is cute-handsome, friendly and hilarious. At the end of the "viewing," we got talking about our lives, and it turned out that we had lots of random things in common and he suggested that I come over for a swim, or that we go for drinks sometimes, 'cause he doesn't know a lot of people here (he's lived here for 5 months).

Anyway, I'm probably reading WAY too much into this, too early, but would it be absurd for me to assume that telling me it's "too bad that I didn't bring my bathing suit" or that we should "grab drinks sometime" sounds less like "let's be best friends" than "I'm interested?" Probably just getting my hopes up here, but any input would be welcome :)

Cheers everyone! Hope you're all having an amazing day!


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  • It all depends on how you see the guy. As a friend or more. It's up to you

    • I'm definitely interested in him/attracted to him. I'm just trying to get some perspective on where he's coming from...?

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    • No, he didn't say that I forgot my suit... He said it's too bad that I didn't happen to bring it, otherwise we could've gone swimming. But I wasn't "supposed to" bring it to begin with... I just went to look at his apartment, to see whether or not I wanted to rent it lol.

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  • He is saying he wants to see you again! Make a date!