Online guy friend wants to meet but won't contact me anymore.

I became friends with this guy online. He always messages me first. Now that we are planning to hang out (possibly tomorrow or Friday Because he's "free"), he stops messaging me. After we made the plan, he told me to text him. I did but that was 3 days ago. He's always online on fb but he's not messaging me at all. I poked him on fb, he poked me back, I poked him again, but he didn't poke me again...Should I message him, even though he appears offline? I know he's on Because he's playing again?

I have a feeling he wants to bail, just like last time when I asked him to tag along with me and my friends...

What should I do? I don't want to be appear annoying and clingy. Should I text him and asked if were are still on?

ps. I Skyped him before and he's not a pedo lol


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  • It seems as if he is playing games with you.

    I have a feeling he might bail also, and I am not the one experiencing this.

    His behavior seems a bit odd or flakish to me.

    If he bails on you again, then I would forget about him and move on to someone who is serious about what they say.

    Games are for children, you may have to leave him in the dust.