Why does it take forever for guys to reply?

if you're texting a girl will you ever read the message from her and purposefully not respond, even if you started the conversation? or do you sometimes put your phone down somewhere and forget about it? because sometimes he'll reply within a few minutes, and then sometimes its an hour..


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  • It's because we just don't care enough to reply immediately.

    Texting is like getting a letter, it's not like having a conversation in real time.

    If you wanted to converse in real time, make a freaking phone call. Otherwise, you'll get a reply when he's ready to give a reply. Sometimes that will be right away. Sometimes that will be next week.

    Choose your means of communication appropriately, for what you want.

    If you want instant response, then talk.

    If you want asynchronous exchange, then text or email.


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  • My cell phone is usually off and (if I don't forget it!) I'll look once a day-often in the evening, before going to ped or at a spare moment if there's someone who needs an answer.

  • well.. I for instance give late reply because I take time to think over some replies I want to send or it's because I want to send some interesting or funny reply..

    and yes sometimes it is because I forget my phone..


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