Texting first. What to do?

? So, there is this guy, which I like, and he said that he liked me too, everything seems okay, but he lives in differrent city and he has this phobia of texting first, and it drives me mad! I could text him first but I don't want to out of principle cause, c'mon why he can't write first? and then he said goodbye the last time we met, he said that he would text me more and stuff and now nothings changed.. so I don't know should I text him? but what if then he thinks" oh, good now I don't have to deal with my fear" or smth. So what should I do? How to help him over come his fear? ;//

and second thing that I personaly think that if a girl always texts first, she's decay. and I don't want to be that...


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  • WOW...that is the best excuse I have ever heard...Does he also have a "fear" or dialing and calling you or emailing you etc... etc... don't believe his BS...

    • well, he can text first if he has like a problem or specific objective to text, but just to text like what's up is hard to him. and I don't get it but I know that it is really hard to him, cause he won't text anyone just to chat. So I don't know what to do...

      and by the way what BS means ?

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    • but it's hard to wait ;//

    • Then you should go ahead and text him, and don't keep track of who started the text, If he starts acting like you are bugging him then stop the texting...but if he replies to your texts then it is okay if you initiate them...Don't worry to much be happy : )

  • decay? uuuuuhhh? very strange!