Should I even be talking to this guy?

Soo..lets start with the past

in December, there was this guy Sam who always would text me everyday and we would talk and he would flirt and I really liked him. we makeout one night and the next night I found out that he was dating his ex again. then I later found out that sam had been talking to his ex maggie(who everyone thinks is a bitch), me, my friend, and this other girl in my grade. he madeout with all of us when he was single and would say all of the same stuff to us. like littereally everything that he said to me that made me feel special he said to one of the other girls at the same point.

he is still dating maggie and has been with her since December. he was at a campfire that I was at last weekend and I found out he tried talking to me friend(the one he had a thing with before) but she said she wouldn't really reply when he tried talking to her (she lies a lot though). then 3 days ago he texted me, I texted him back and we have been talking pretty much non stop the last 3 days. he has said a lot of stuff to me like he doesn't wanna stop texting me(when he had practice) and this weekend if we both get drunk I told him sh*t might get crazy and he's like I'm down ;) just be secretive. then I was like well maggie wouldn't like that very much. and he's like idc she isn't gonna be there, she won't know, and she's been a bitch lately and I don't know if we are gonna be together much longer but that's just between you and me.

the thing is, I really like talking to me, and since December everyday I have been waiting for him to text me. just so we can talk. and now he finally did and says he likes talking to me. I know I probobly shouldn't talk to him because I don't wanna fall back into this trap again because he lied so much. but if I just do it for fun and not a relationship and know its just for fun, what's the problem right? I only have summer anyways cause he is going to college so just to have a little fun? ill never date him. or is talking to him a bad idea?


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  • This guy needs to teach me his secrets.

    • hes smart. and pulls the girls in no matter what he has done to them in the past. I don't know how he does it.

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    • thanks, I think you are right. but he was a really good kisser so I think ill do that, for the thrill

    • Get you some!

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