Never had a girlfriend, is there something wrong with me?

Hi, I'm a 19 year old guy from Finland about to start my studies in a university. I've never had a girlfriend neither have I ever really flirted with a girl least not intentionally. (I don't really know how and even if I knew, I wouldn't have the confidence to act) I've tired to make some kind of first move on 4 girls and all shut me down. There's also been two girls that seemed to like me but I wasn't into them. I don't want a girlfriend just for sake of a girlfriend.

I used to be really shy and I still am. Going to high school helped a little bit. I have friends, go to parties and bars and I'm just more social. Some of my friends are girls so I don't trouble talking to them anymore. It's just talking to them as more than friends what is hard to me.

I've gone so far.. but It feels like nothing's really happened I'm still miserable and alone! I'm trying to act cool and keep the "happy mask" on but it's just getting hard.

I don't really know the reason why finding a girl is so hard for me. I just don't seem to have an instinct to letting myself out there. Last time my friend tried to push me to approach a girl I just froze completely.

I don't concider myself very ugly, average I guess... I'm 6'2, 184lbs and I work out a lot. I also like buying good looking clothes. I think I send out some kind of pathetic/depressed/boring vibe like I can't really keep it in or something.

Now that I'm starting my studies and moving to another city, I'm kind of getting a new start and I wonder if anyone can give me any comments, ideas, advice.. It's just getting harder to believe that I'm gonna find somebody.

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So is there nothing I can do or try change? Or shouldn't I?
Never had a girlfriend, is there something wrong with me?
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