Should I be the one to do it?

Me and this guy have been dating (no status) for about 2 months now. It seems to be going fast and he has said that he's trying to hold back because he's scared of it getting to fast too soon. He's usually the first to call, text, or do any type of communication.

It's sorta of long-distance since he lives a few cities over. I went to visit him for two weeks and while I was there he suggested some space to figure out what he wants ( he's really busy with his internship and finalizing on a house) but was very affectionate towards me around his friends, in public, or private. I left 2 days ago and he is still texting me at least once a day.

I really like him, but for his and my own sake, should I be less frequent with the texting? He just sent me a text asking about something I told him yesterday that I'd be doing to today, but I feel like if I keep texting back he'll never have enough time to actually miss or think about a future? What do you think?


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  • I think texting once a day or once every two days is alright. I mean you guys are in a long distance relationship type of thing and their is no other way to commmunicate unless you Skype or email or send letters in the mail. I think communication is very important to try and make this work and even trust because you don't know what he does when your not around and the same can be said for you as well. I know he has a lot going on and I feel your putting in more effort to make it work. You spent a whole 2 weeks with him. That is dedication. I also hope he figures out what he wants from this. And I hope he doesn't take you for granted.

    • Aw! Thanks for the advice. I really hope he doesn't either.

      I'll make sure to create a reasonable about of distance. :)

    • Your very welcome. I hope things work out. Keep me posted on how things go.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the best answer.

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