Hooked up with a friend recently who had a girlfriend and didn't tell me, yet still calls, what now?

We talked for a few months last year. He got really into me but I wasn't so serious. I started dating another guy who wasn't so serious, this guy was pissed didn't talked to me for months. When me and t ex broke up he hits me up, we hung out and hooked up. Turns out he has a girlfriend and had one for a while but hit it from me and on Facebook. Ever since we hooked up it's weird now I like him and I feel like I'm in his spot where I put him and I don't know what to do. Help?!


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  • Don't let yourself be played. If he has a girlfriend already he's probably bored of her. If so, what are the chances he may do the same to you if he starts something serious with you after he breaks up with her? Stand your ground and take a choice.


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  • Well you shouldn't do nothing more while he has a girlfriend, if you do keep it up he's just going to be using you for sex nothing more

    • That's the bad thing is I know this I just want to be friends with him but he hid it all from me. Something keeps telling me he's doing it to get back at me for not choosing him

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