Guys: if you had a break up with someone you love, would you want them to text you?

We broke up and we both stopped talking. I really miss him and wanted to "accidentally" text him. Is this stupid? I just don't know how to start talking to him again(we had a misunderstanding and now I know). Would you want to receive a text from her?

P.S. we were both mad at each other


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  • well its hard to say it would be best to text him out of the blue and say hi or something nonchalant pretending to text him as if you were texting someone else may work, but is just as likely that hell see through it. it depends I have accidentally text someone most people have idk. I just say text him out of the blue like happy memorial day weekend or 4th of July like its a text that goes out to everyone on your cell phone a generic one that normally is a good idea. since there are no big holidays coming up until the 4th of July ull have to wait til then but if you don't wanna wait just text the guy and be like hi or something simple if he don't reply he wants to move on. later.


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  • No. If she had something to say to me, I would want her to say it in person.

    Using texts for important relationship communication is idiotic IMO. You have NO IDEA how he responds, and you can't get him to talk to you. HUGE mistake.

  • Maybe depends on how things end.

    • He asked a girl to lunch,and I asked a guy to dinner- right in front of each other.

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