Does this mean that I don't have a chance?

Today I was talking with a guy I like about a rumor that's going around that me and him are dating. I have been spending time with him but not on a proper date. I said to him to be casual 'don't you mind that people think we are together?' and he said 'i don't mind' so I thought this is a good sign. But then I started asking him if it bothers him that this has happened to him before and he replied 'nah, I don't mind at all especially if I liked the girl'. what's he meaning by this?


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  • he's telling you indirectly that he's interested in you.. have you got any indicators from him that he likes you besides this ?

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    • but forgot to mention he also said that he quite enjoys being a bachelor and he would only have to start making an effort if he was 25 because he would like to settle down then. so mixed signals

    • well I think, he won't admit you until you admit him first that you like him though he likes you.

      so if you really like him then why don't you ask him out for a dinner or a movie ?!(I mean just two of you this time :P)and when perfect time persists ask him whether he's interested or not ?!

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  • he obviously likes you

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