Online dating, Is he going to ask me for a second date?

Firsly, sorry for my English ;)

Here's the story...

I met this guy on match, he sent me a nice message, so I just asked him to text me, so we can meet up.

He booked a nice restaurant, we had a great time together, after the meal he asked what plans do I have, he said he might see his friend, and that I should come too, he offered to have a drink together. He took me to a lovely roof bar, with beautiful views. I asked what's up with his friend. So he called him and said that he's not coming Because he's already having a dinner somewhere else. He ordered cocktails, we talked, and laughed, I really had a great time, and I think he loved it too. we holded hands, shared drinks, he touched my hair, I could feel the chemistry. We've been discussing things, he said that he can be very romantic, asked if I ever had a candle light dinner, when I said no, he said that he can do it for me. Besides everything he paid for everything. When it was time to go home, he said we'd call and we kissed on a cheek. I think we clicked, if we meet up for a second time we'd definitely kiss.

I come from different culture, and back home a guy would definitely text and ask whether I got home safe. But here, it's seems like there are some dating rules or whatever. Well, anyway, I texted him the same night, thanked him for a lovely evening. He texted me back only the next late morning. Saying that he;s having a very busy day, but he asked how my day is going. I said that I am in a park and enjoying the sun, he said that he's in the office. I said that he's trapped, he said he wouldn't mind being trapped with me somewhere sunny. The next day I was around his office for business. So I texted him again, I didn't offer to meet up or anything. He texted me back, again after few hour, saying he has been having meetings. He said I should have say hello so he could have a quick coffee. I said I was busy anyway, and that he was even more busy. He agreed. He also said that he's flying on business trip. I was stupid enough to text him smith like "are you flying for a date, or even worse relocating?" he said it's to see his friends and business trip. I wished him a safe flight, he said thanks and that he's boarding. That was yesterday. I haven't texted, and he haven't texted either.

Now I'm thinking why he haven't asked me out again, maybe he plans to do so after he's back. But I feel bad that I was the one who texted him first twice. Maybe he's not interested and doesn't want to have a second date. Even though first seemed perfect. Back home, if a guy is interested in a girl he would call and ask to meet up again on the same day or the next. But here... I can't understand whether he wants to see me again or not? What should I do, keep silent and wait for him to text/call?


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  • You're WAY overthinking and putting WAY too much thought into texting. Guys don't work that way. Most guys are lousy at the phone, and it seems like his career keeps him pretty busy during the week, which isn't surprising.

    Guys with ambition are often very attractive, but that same ambition means they often don't have a lot of free time for relationships. It sounds like that's part of the package that comes with him, so if you can't deal with only seeing him occasionally, when your busy schedules allow for it, then be honest with yourself about that and break it off with him.

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    • Yes, I realize that. Thanks. But I was wondering about the other thing, from what you've read, what does his behavior tells you. Is he interested in me?

    • He's obviously interested in you (guys don't make dates with girls they aren't interested in). But is that interest only sexual, or relationship? I have no idea (not nearly enough information), so that's something you'll have to ask him about.

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