This girl is scared of relationships after being hurt in the past

This girl I really like and who likes me is terrified of being in a relationship again because she has been hurt in every way imaginable by the past guys she has been with. I don't know how to show her I'm different and won't hurt her. I'm afraid she's going to shut me out and not even give me the chance soon. any advice?


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  • You cannot force someone to be ready when they aren't.

    Let her know you're feelings but continue to keep your distance (she will

    come around when she is ready for a relationship, however long that is) if you

    are willing to wait.


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  • Sit her down and have an honest talk with her. Show her that you can open up and you're different. It's not fair that she'd punish you for what some other guy did. A lot of people do so and they get paranoid/jealous or reject other people in the first place, possibly missing out on someone that could've been great for them. Ask for a chance and agree to take things slow and she'll hopefully say yes.

  • Give her space and time. I know it's hard if you really like someone but pushing will effectively only push her away.


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  • Do you know how many chicks pull that excuse, it's almost as common as I have a headache or I am just sooooooo so sooooooooooooooooooo busy that I can't do anything.

    She's lying don't be surprised if a couple weeks from now she's all better and hanging on the arm of another guy, my advice get rid of her, and the truth is she might not be that interested in you, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings, sucks I know but that is life.

    • Yeah, so true.

      If she really liked you she wouldn't come up with excuses.

  • Drop her fast.

    Whether you like or not, she's damaged.

    She needs healing, not another relationship.

    Don't be so selfish that you want to co-erce her into a relationship with you, just because you think you'll never hurt her.

    She needs time. Not you.

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