Seeing a girl who has a flat tone of voice...

So I went out with this girl who has a very flat tone of voice, and I'm not sure what to think of it. She seems very kind, still seems to be able to express emotion just fine, and we get along very well. I guess it just bothers me because the last girl I've known with a flat tone of voice had down syndrome (neighbor's daughter). I know this girl is intelligent, she's gotten her bachelor's degree before me! Any thoughts?


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  • I'm a bit monotone as well and I don't have down syndrome or any disorders and it doesn't seem like she does based on what you described. Stop nitpicking. She seems lovely.


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  • Apparently she doesn't suffer from Down Syndrome, so you should not worry about her voice.


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  • "seems to be able to express emotion just fine"

    Not autist thus.

    I don't see where your problem is.

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