Is it bad for him to know that I am a BIG freak?

This guy & I met at a race he's real cute and we really like each other. We get along fine. He's freaky and I'm very freaky but I'm afraid to show him that I'm a freak because he might only want one thing from me. What to do ? should I tell him?

Thank you, & I broke the news to him a couple hours aqo after he said that he Likes me a lot & wants me to be his forever. we've been talking everyday for two months.


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  • by freaky do you mean crazy or do you mean that you are a fan of a sport "race"

    • Freaky meaning " A lover of sex"

    • if you say yes he is going to get it on. In some case he will leave you after he is done and will comeback for more and then leave. If he keeps on coming back then he is yours

      if you don't tell him, he will forever wonder and go on to the next girl unless you are really hot

      Men we are such horrible creatures

    • I think the best way is control you cravings and keep him for a little while then break the news

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