What could this mean?

The guy I like will text me about 4 days a week with texts pertaining to parts of conversations that we had earlier that day, but once I respond, he doesn't reply back... The things he texts me about are far from important and things that are really pointless to text because they don't matter and we could just talk about them later. Like we saw one of our friends after school and he was all muddy and we asked him why and he said that he was playing capture the flag and it was a school day so we were kind of confused. He texted me later saying that it was probably senior skip day. I was going to see him the next day and he could have told me then... What does this mean? or why does he not respond to my replies?

Thanks :)


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  • Depends on how you're replying. If you're saying "k"...that's not really much to go on. If you're doing more than that he may just be busy or figures he doesn't need to reply


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