If he is seeing other girls than why can't I see other guys?

So I started seeing my ex again since Dec, he said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship but we agreed to only see each other. anways in feb he saw me dancing with another guy and told one of my friends that we weren't together. I heard and we talked about it and I said I felt like a fling the whole time and he said that I wasn't. Than he said that of he gives me his heart not to do anything to take it back.

Soo fast forward to now, my friend was getting to know his roommate and said that I was seeing him again and his roommate had to no idea why I would think that I was seeing my ex again...(wtf) this is because he said I am never over there but that is because he always comes to my place. Anyways now I tempted to just end it, I don't have time for this BS.

Any advice?


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  • What other intel is there from the roomie? Is he saying your man has other girls coming around?

    • Well my friend Katt was there thur night and the roommate got a text message from another girl asking if he had "Johns (my ex boyfriend or whatever) number and to tell him to talk to her and that she could stop by right now because she was close" and the roommate said something about her being a stalker and to "lock the door" so I don't know what this is about. But I am insulted because I am never over there or invites, he always comes here (I also don't have roommates)

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    • Interesting study. I went from being the one girl that got to him, meant the most to him, longest deepest relationship to this. Maybe Ill just suggest we see other people on the side as well. I pretty mch lost all my attachments/love/emotions towards him when he broke up with me a year ago but came back because he made a mistake..Thanks for your answer

    • It's good when I see one old flame and we can just talk and hang out. Once in a while something might happen, but we usually just enjoy the friendship part of an ongoing relationship, with no passion complicating things. If you can drop the attachment like you say you did, then you can just bust on him for being such a wannabe player, and enjoy some time together as friends.

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  • You're absolutely right. You're young and vital, don't put up with any man you don't have to.

    Go get yourself a guy that doesn't play around... maybe someone you've got in the friend zone?

    • Yeah I've got someone in mind ha ha thanks!

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