Guys: Do you typically type out every word when you text?

Guys: Do you typically type out every single word when you text or do you use abbreviations? Also, are you more likely to type everything out like on Facebook since you have a full keyboard, instead of texting? Thanks!


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  • I used to be very strict about always using full spellings and avoiding acronyms, but now the lol's and emoticons seem to be creeping in. I blame GAG!

    • That just means you should stop logging on GAG

    • If I start using lol in everyday speech I will. Hasn't reached that point yet.

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  • I always use proper grammar and spelling to the best of my ability. Ever since I was 15

  • Yes I type out every word. I only use some internet slang. Like lol, by the way.

    Doesn't if it's texting or keyboard.

    I hate when people say yu. Just put an o in come on now.

    Or when they spell out words and leave the last letter off.

    I don't like it.


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