Gentleman, what are reasons you've said nothing?

Has there ever been a time when a woman has expressed her feelings to you and wanted words, but you said nothing? What are some reasons you've remained silent..even if you knew it was killing her inside to not hear from you?

Similar to the lyrics of the song Nothing by the Script. " I wanted words, but all I heard was nothing. "


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  • If honest words would kill her, it's better to give her nothing than to lie to her.

    • Example time!

      After sex she says "I love you..."

      What's better?

      A: "..."


      B: "I don't love you... but I might later on, especially if we keep going at it like this."

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    • To your example question, I would prefer B if I were in a situation such as that. I'd rather a guy tell me that he can't say that he loves me because he's not ready or is sorting out his feelings. That's better than silence or a lie. Honesty is the best policy. Even if it hurts.

    • Hrm...

      In your case, he might just not be very good about talking about his feelings. He could have worked out "that" he needs to keep away, but not "why." It's possible that being close to you has caused a lot of pain for either you or him and that's why he thinks this is best?

      Or it could be like I've already suggested, and he thinks the true reasons would hurt you (or him?) a lot.

      Whatever the case, I understand that knowing "why" would help you with closure, so this is unfortunate

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  • gaahhh I hate that! the most annoying question ever: What are you thinking?

    its normally a whole lot a f*** all but nooo that's not good enough even tho its an honest answer, you have to make up some fake lie bullsh*t to appeal to her emotions or else the bitchy starts. SO many women do this! the insanity needs to stop.

  • i did this with my first girlfriend. We had sex for the first time and I thought it was cliche to say "I love you" right after sex. She said it and I didn't... I waited a long time after to say it to her. I felt a little bad but I wasn't ready...


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