Is it okay that I'm not happy with having to wait a month or two to be considered dating?

I broke just about every taboo there is. I helped a girl cheat on her boyfriend and I dated my best friends ex and I'm dating my ex girlfriend again. All these taboos in one girl may I add. We have only been together without her dating another guy while with me for a few days now but she says she doesn't want to make our relationship public for another month or so because she doesn't want to say we are dating and then break up a day later. She wants to know its real, but I lost my best friend over this and I have to give up talking to other girls so am I so wrong for wanting relationship status or am I just being needy?


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  • Sounds like this girl's playing you for a fool. Those things are considered taboo for a reason. She cheated on her other boyfriend so faithfulness isn't too high on her list of priorities. She's your ex already, there had to be a reason. And she's obviously not too sure about things with you if she doesn't want to make it public. You'd be better off moving on.

    Some best friend you are by the way if you helped her cheat on your best friend.

    • no, she broke up with the guy who was my best friend until he found out about this... about a year ago. She was dating another guy until a few days ago and she had been trying to break up for weeks but he wouldn't speak to her. She finally ended up breaking up with him over text because she said if he can't pick up a phone in two weeks, he didn't deserve a sincere break up. And we broke up before because we were still in jr high at the time. We were both way too young. Idk. I'm still having thoughts

  • You are not wrong for not wanting to wait. I think you should give this girl another thought. I mean, if you have to cheat, go behind your friend's back...What do you think she's going to do to you? You already see that she wants to keep you a secret. Why? Because she's already thinking she may break up with you. ? That's messed up.

    • I know it sounds bad. That's why I mentioned the taboo's but and (I know this doesn't justify anything) her boyfriend was abusive and ignored her calls and text so that she could break up with him. And we didn't go behind my friends back. After we figured out it was more than a crush I told him everything. And when we kissed she got upset immediately about the fact that she cheated but as the days went on and there was no response from the boyfriend, we just got carried away.

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