Could I be projecting my feelings for this new man?

There was this man I was attracted to and fell head over heels for him. The attraction was extremely intense and has lasted for over a year now. But, recently he started to remove himself from the picture, and I met someone else who is just a carbon copy of the first guy. He has the same charm, same physique, same personality. Although I adore him dearly, can't seem to get the original guy out of my head. Does this mean I like the first guy more, or could I just be projecting my feelings from the first guy onto the second guy? Any insight would be helpful. Could I really like the new guy?


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  • Didn't I answer this question for you last week? Yes, you are projecting. Personally I'd write off the 2nd guy immediately. You admit yourself he is just a copy of the first, so how is that gonna work out for you in the long term (I'm assuming you want a long term relationship of course.)? As for the first guy...well relationships have what I would call windows of opportunity. They open for a short time, then close. They may reopen but usually don't. If you don't jumo through when you get the chance you usually miss out. If the first guy has removed himself from the picture as you say, you should too. We only have a certain amount of time in this world. No use wasting any amount of that time on something that isn't gonna happen. Find someone new who is completely different from these guys. May work out, may not but at least you'll be moving forward and not standing in place.

  • THe second guy sounds like a rebound to me

    • Yea, those were kind of my thoughts. Possible to still make it work with the first guy? Thanks.

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    • To be honest, we never had a relationship. Just strong feelings for him.

    • well ok.. lol why didn't it turn to a relationship

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