First date, she texts, sounded interested, then no response?

Had a first date, it was good

I was about to text her the next day to get a reaction and she got to me first saying it was a great time.

We exchanged a bit on how she doesn't mind coming to my part of the city and I texted something like I'm sure we can find something to do.

I waited a couple days because that's what everyone told me and txted her just to strike up a conversation and see if I could give her a quick call (to plan the next date.

No response.

So did I wait too long or play it too cool? Maybe this is part of the game and I need to sweat it a bit? Or try again, but when?

I'm not one for convention or games, but I tool everyone's advice to wait a couple days and now I'm regretting it. Should I have asked her out right away when we were texting?


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  • There's likely a simple explanation for her lack of response. She probably just got really busy. I say, send her a short yet nice text asking her if she is still up for going somewhere in your part of town. Now if she doesn't respond after that, let it go. But this initial non response is too early to make a judgement call.

    • Thx. That seems reasonable, but in my experience a girl checks her phone every 5 minutes and responds immediately to the ones she wants, so I take it as a bad sign. Buy ya, not everyone is the same and who the heck knows what happens. I really wanted to call her to ask her out, but best to just be direct in a text because that'll give me a definite answer.

  • If I were her I most likely would of responded right away. You could still give her "one" call though and leave a message if she doesn't respond.

    She might of not gotten the message or something happened when you texted her and she got rather busy. I have those moments, I really don't mean to do it but it happens.


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