Is it me or him? Why do guys always treat me bad?

I met a guy online on plenty of fish we talked for like 4 days and he made me feel good about myself promised he wouldn't hurt me he lives 2 and a half hours away by the way and said he is real keeps it 100% and I said I do too. So last night I told him I couldn't trust him till we became official he flips out! said well no wonder dudes ditch you they don't want to put up with your bullsh*t deuces am I wrong for not trusting him yet noo I'm not I don't know why he can't understand that! how is that bullsh*t.

Same sh*t different guy they always say they will treat me right and one more thing he said he wouldn't text me or call me if anything went sour and I believe it. Why did he flip out? why do guys alwayyyys treat me so bad!? Its depressing everybody is getting with somebody except me nobody really wants me for me! sometimes I don't want to live no more & go through this pain. They all say the same thing if you can't let your guard down we can't be together well I'm not just gonna trust you if were NOT together either... fair game right?


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  • First of all, this guy is an ass. What you asked for is normal; he was obviously trolling that website just looking to get laid, and lots of guys do. To help filter them out, you might either want to add to your profile, or tell the guys you meet online VERY early on, that you don't have sex outside of relationships. That may prevent a lot of the guys from contacting you, because a lot of them only want sex, but the guys that remain will likely be guys who want a relationship.

    The other thing is that trying to meet a guy who lives 2.5 hours away from you is a huge mistake; you'll almost never see him because he lives so far away. You certainly wouldn't be able to have the close, constant time with him that I'm sure you'd want, so you are setting yourself up for disappointment, loneliness, and neediness from the very beginning. Don't do that to yourself, or to a guy.

    Find someone LOCAL to you, 30 minutes away at most, so that you'll actually be able to spend time together.

    • So there's nothing wrong with me? thanks you made my day better and I deleted that account!

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    • yea that is so true my mom tells me I was "too blunt" when I told him I can't trust you till we become something ... o well that's just me he exspected to tell the truth but not receive it.

    • If you let guys know upfront (maybe include it in your profile self-description) that you don't have sex outside of relationships, the guys just looking for sex will mostly just pass you over. While that may mean you get fewer "hits" on your profile, it also means that the guys who contact you will usually be the kind who like and want real relationships, and aren't just looking for sex.

      Don't wait until you LIKE a guy to tell him that; he should know it from the start.

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  • Why don't you trust him? What do you think he is going to do? Technically, if you aren't official he has not made a committment and could do whatever he wanted anyway. It may have been how you worded it that got him so upset but I agree with the commentor below as far as this guy is concerned. He wouldn't have gotten that upset if he was actually going to be a trustworthy person. I also agree that you should look for someone closer to where you live. Good luck, you'll find a nice guy.

    • uhm I don't trust nobody I don't know that well would you?

    • Sometimes I do. I've got a pretty good 'feeler' as far as judging character goes. I give trust until you give me a reason not to trust you. You're the opposite of me, you don't give trust unless a person gives you a reason to trust them. I'd like to think there must be a balance of the two types, and that's probably the best way to go about it.

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