What should I do? I'm about to die here!

So, this is the deal!

Sometime ago there was this huge party for all the students in my university and as a "good" student that I am, I went everyday. (Come on, it's once a year only :p). And even though I messed around with a lot of girls on the first days, I passed one of the nights with a girl from my class, that I wasn't really interested, even because we actually haven't even properly met before.

The night went smoothly, we drank, we danced, we ate and in the end she even used me as a pillow when we lied on the grass and she fell asleep. I had passed a great night, actually the best of them all, with her and got to know her better and seeing her like that sleeping (or so I thought) I couldn't resist and cuddled her hair and her face.

After that day, we kept in touch closely, mostly by text, and things were going good. She knew I was into her and she seemed and showed when was into me too, but one day, it suddenly stops. She passes an entire day without replying me and in the end of the day, tells me on Skype that she had a boyfriend, and for more than 2 years already, that he's out of the country and they had gone through a hard time, that "I had lighten her up with my crazy way of being" and that she also has feelings for me, that if she had known me before that things would have been different and that she still wanted me to keep being her friend, because she knows she can count on me, but that she can't just give up her boyfriend for just the amount of feelings she has for me right now.

As you probably guessed, I was devastated, but call me stupid or whatever, I said "it's okay" but I still didn't gave her a chance to put me in the friend zone just yet. I can't stop thinking about her, and I got to know that probably she actually doesn't love her boyfriend anymore, I think she's just attached to him by thinking she owns him something since on her first year of college, he helped her with the school fees and with other expenses she had.

I just don't know what to do. If he was here, I would openly challenge him and openly fight for her love. But as he is away from the country, he got the clear advantage, if I try, she'll automatically reject me by pitying him for not being able to fight fairly. So I have currently being steady and kept my going, like if I don't care she has a boyfriend. But is it really worth it, even if I manage to make her love me more then her boyfriend, will she really leave him, or keep feeling she owns him and stay with him? Or should I try talk to her boyfriend and tell him that I like her girlfriend and that I want her for me?

Please someone find me a solution or I won't know what to do. It breaks my heart each time I see her and can't tell her I love her and want her just for me.

PS: I'm not English so my writing might have a lot of mistakes and for that I am sorry.


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  • Thats not really something we can say. Those are her feelings only she can answer that.

    • Well, thanks. Anyway, I don't really have any hope nor chance now. She just told me her boyfriend proposed her and she said yes.

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  • I honestly know how you feel I went through something similar,but now looking back at it I would say that it's not worth the heartache. Go about your life, continue on with your plans for you future and if she decides it brake up with her boyfriend in her own time, then you can look at a future with her. If she really has true feelings for you she will miss you and she wouldn't be thinking if she didn't go after you.

    • The thing is... isn't she with him just cause she thinks she owns him something, for him paying her school fees and all?

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