Help me understand the winky face? ;)

If you are texting a girl about a celebrity and she includes a winky face after a statement, does that count as flirting towards you or towards the damn celebrity dude?


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  • towards you buddy

    • ok good, I thought a winky face, unless used sarcastically is always a sexual flirtation.

    • Its sexual too, but since you spoke about a celebrity she was winking at you in a good way and almost sexual.

    • Well yeah.

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  • Did she say "hot celeb dudes name is cute ;)" or what?

    • No she was agreeing with what I said about a guy celeb

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    • No, that's alright don't want to quote the exact thing lol. Never know who is viewing this site... Know what I mean?

    • yeah ha ha I don't think it was meant for you. Maybe if she said "You're hot ;)"

  • It's directed to you (:


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