What have you found unattractive about a "hot" girls personality?

Guys are always talking about how girls who are really beautiful tend to rely on their looks and have horrible personalities. What has made their personality so bad?

People are always saying I'm gorgeous/I should model/etc...but when people give you compliments like that it puts a certain amount of pressure on to not "fall off' or look ugly. It's as if people put so much weight in your appearance that you start to fear disappointing them or changing their mind. This has made me extremely high maintenance and probably too focused on my looks. I'm so paranoid about not looking perfect that I will often be more quiet or reserved for fear of not looking perfect and I think it ends up working against me because people think I have no personality...when in reality when I'm at home or with my friends I laugh a ton and am really fun.

Would my quiet nature in public make my personality suck? What overall makes a hot girl's personality suck?


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  • The stereotypical "hot girl" is usually stuck up, entitled, bossy, or not very well informed, sometimes bits of each mixed together. If you're down to earth, friendly, generous and have seen the news every so often you;re already well a head of the game.

    I wouldn't worry about having "no personalty", you seem fine there. Just makes sure you don't have a BAD personality.


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  • I'm not a guy but I think it's unattractive if a hot girl does not love you, appreciate you, like you or care about you... and is only using you for what you can give her.

    Also it's unattractive when a hot girl is heavenly biased and lacking in objectivity, discernment and wisdom.

    It's also unattractive, when a hot girl has no sense of responsibility or respect. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world but if you don't respect people... you will be hated and shunned by anybody who has moral values.

    Also guys hate girls that are fake, no matter how pretty or wealthy and successful they are. I have an IVY league relative who was the vice president of a bank at the age of 24. Her SAT scores were so high that Duke offered her a fully paid scholarship to their medical school straight out of high school without even completing a bachelors degree. She scored in the 99.999th percentile on her SAT's and she had a 98% I an Ivy league school and she can't find a husband because she's so dishonest, fake and arrogant. She also wears a size two and never has clothes on that cost less than $100 dollars.

    • Vice president of a bank at 24? No wonder the banking system collapsed. lol.