We've been together for a few months, should I really be the one starting almost every conversation?

She's back home right now, and while I admit she's busy with work/friends there she could be the first one to attempt to talk to me. I know she misses me a lot, and I'm sure she thinks about it more often than she lets on. Her best friend is also a friend of mine and has told me she's commented several times on how much it sucks to be apart. My girlfriend even drunk-dialed me last Monday to tell me she couldn't believe she's become 'that girl' but she missed her boyfriend (myself) and wished I could be there with her.

Why then am I always the one to start conversations then? With the drunk exception she's let me start everything nearly every day she's been gone (the last 2 weeks), and she's gone for another month still. We've been together since January, is it really that much to hope for that I would get a text from her asking how things were going?


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  • Sounds like she's the independent sort. Why not embrace that, and avoid becoming clingy and overbearing yourself?

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