Meeting him on Friday - enlighten me?

I have been talking to this guy I met online for about two weeks now. We have planned to meet up on Friday. I know he wants something serous, as he has brought it up a relationship a few times..(yes, I know it has been 2 weeks). This will be like my first ever date/meet up with a guy. I'm so scared and nervous. I'm paranoid about being wayy too awkward, or quiet..even know I'm not really that shy - I just struggle to make conversation sometimes lol.

I don't know how to even greet him. I keep thinking that just a simple 'hi' is just going to make things more awkward, and that a hhug will make me look..idk desperate or something? What do you guys think? lol.

Another thing is, since it is winter here, I've picked out a cute red jumper and black jeans to go with it. Is red too vibrant? hahaa..omg. -_-

And lastly, what I am most afraid of is, what if he doesn't like me but I do like him? Or what if I don't like him, but he likes me? He's reallyyy sweet and we've talked on the phone too (Which was VERY awkward)..sigghh..but yeah..people enlighten me LOL oh and what have your experiences been?

(Also, yes I am meeting him in a very public place, so I'll be safe :)


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  • Just say hi, and let things move naturally from there. Don't force anything and don't be so nervous he's just another human being and he's probably nervous too. Just say what comes to mind talk about the same things you text or IM each other. Joke about your inability to make conversation, it'll smooth things out and actually give you something to talk about. Don't go on a lot about this being your first date/meet up, it's already going to be obvious you don't do this much. better to concentrate on what's happening than what hasn't. And wear what makes you comfortable don't worry about color, if anything it'll help you be visible when he tries to find you.

    Lastly if you don't hit it off the chemistry won't be there for the both of you, you, even if he likes you more than you like him or vice versa, you;ll both know it. one of you might push to keep it going but the other is going to be wishy washy and the whole things will peter out, but don't worry about that till the end of the meeting. That's when you can judge your performance, not during.


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  • You're doing what every girl does on her first date - WAY over thinking it. Don't worry about that. They all get through it eventually.


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  • Well the bonus is that you're meeting up soon, thus not basing your relationship online or just calls. Just say hey!

    Guys like red so it's all good.

    Don't worry about anything else, it hasn't happened yet.

    If you can't think of anything to say, go somewhere to eat. :p Gives you some time to work out what to say.

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