Should I worry or pay no attention to guys and their texting etiquitte?

My crush is kinda weird when it comes to texting. Saturday he initiated texting and we texted all day. Sunday I sent him a text which he did not respond to (didn't really need a response). I also texted him last night (no response, but also-- didn't really illicit one)

He is the type to ignore all Facebook posts, no matter who they are from. So should I not worry about the texting? Sometimes he'll text me back right away, other times it will take a bit and now he has ignored my last two texts.

Worry or not worry?

it's not like he ignores me in person. in fact he often brings up texts in person when I see him next...


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  • The less you can worry about such things, the better it will be for you in the long run.


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  • when he's not giving you that much respect which you deserve,then why go further with him ?!

    if he really likes you; like you does, then he wouldn't ignore you.

    but don't get panic ,wait for a week or two ,if he does't responds then move on..

    respect the person who also respects you ,who loves you for who you are and treats you as the way you deserved to be treated, you know :)


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  • Well, he is not REALLY interested in you, or he'd text back and forth on a more regular basis. Yes, my crush did the same thing and brought up the email/FB topics regularly when we were face-to-face, but didn't respond to most written communication (even if he initiated) -- he's covering his tracks.

    • gotchya, but why would they even go to that length to bring up the texts? why not just ignore them completely? Whatever happened to your crush?

      My crush gives me tons of other signs (like intense prolonged eye contact!) too but just hasn't made any moves.

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    • Yes, so was mine. Do/think what you like. Mine played this way for a while -- so shy and sweet, but attentive -- then married someone about a week ago without telling a soul. Only sign was the ring on his finger when he smiled in greeting and started flirting as usual.

    • oh no! well we are both 21, I think my crush is very inexperienced with girls. I know he's not with anyone because I know his fam.

  • Don't worry, a lot of people are pretty dodge when it comes texting lol.