Guys: What makes you want more after meeting/dating a girl?

What kind of behavior leaves you wanting more?

Do you prefer girls that play aloof, is it bad if we are keen?!

Are you intimidated by overly intelligent/confident/sexy girls?

Do you think more attractive/sexier girls should tone down their outfits?

Should we be the one to call it a night?

Should we ever initiate sms/Facebook conversations? If the answer is sometimes, when?

My friends (and me!) are baffled as to why guys aren't falling over me, so I am after a few hints thanks :)


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  • if I get the sense they are inexperiances both in sex and relationships my interest in hetting to know them better greatly increases

    • Dont want a girl with baggage and experiance with other mens seman


  • I can only speak for myself, but I like it when girls are keen because at least then I know the girl is interested. As long as she's not too keen then it's cool. I admit I am intimidated by inteligent, confident, sexy girls but I don't think that's the girls fault in anyway. I think it's more my problem because I'm not the most confident guy out there. I'm shy too so I would have problems meeting/dating such a girl. But definitely don't tone down the outfits lol.

    • There is currently a shy guy on the scene for me - I don't know what to do about it! I don't want to chase him, but the only time he ever came close to arranging a date was via a midnight sms and I assume he was drunk! How should I act around him?

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    • Well if you have hooked up before then surely he must know you like him. Unless he was so drunk he doesn't remember it. I think you just need to stop beating around the bush and just be 100% straightforward with him. Unfortunately, you're the one who is gonna have to make the effort here.

    • I am worried I am misinterpreting it - maybe it's not because he's shy, maybe it's because he's not keen. Sadly, I am too scared of the rejection to be too forward about it.

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