How to not get jaded when it comes to dating?

I am at the point where I don't think things will workout for me in the dating world. every time I met someone new its great at first but soon after we stop talking for different reasons. Most of the time I find out they only want sex. Guys tell me that I am just the type of girl they like to be, pretty, and really fun. Couple of them have even said if I was with a girl like you I would totally marry her. But they never stick around for more then few weeks. I mean why bother saying those things? Is it just to get into my pants? ( Its not like I get super clingy or sleep with them after I hear them say that. ) I am just I having a hard time trusting people and what they now. Its hard to let anyone in my heart Because I don't wanna get. Still a part of me wants to find someone who would love me. At this point How do I know who to trust and how do I not get jaded?


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  • maybe those guys themselves were not ready. even though I still have a tough time believing this women mature faster than men and can settle with one thing versus a million. its not our fault its just human instincts. but atless they didn't go with you for awhile then play your face. they are honest from the start except about just sex. but a lot of girls don't wanna hear it but its getting a feel for what you like. you should try it. but that's my opinion alone


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  • i feel the same way. try to keep a good perspective. focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

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