I like this guy, but he just got out of a relationship, what should I do?

I liked this guy from about September, but nothing ever happened between us. We flirted a lot and we were friends also. He was the very outgoing type and was friendly with every one so it was hard to tell he was interested. Later on this year in late-March, I find out he's in relationship with this girl. I was hurt because he never told me. From that point, I was getting over him slowly. Then about a week or so ago I find out their not dating anymore. I knew where he worked and all so I wanted to go see him, since we haven't seen or spoken to each other since school finished. We chatted for a bit and all then he told me to text him sometime and catch up over coffee. I ended up seeing him a second time because my friend works near him and we spoke again for even longer, it wasn't just small talk. We talked about a lout of things and then he brought up that his girlfriend left him and such. We spoke a bit more after that and then we parted ways. He didn't bring up the coffee thing the second time and I texted him the day after saying it was nice seeing him and he responded saying you too and its always a pleasure seeing you. I wasn't that flirty with him and could tell he was still grieving the break-up. I still have feelings for him and I don't know what to do.


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  • i think he might be feeling desperate these days and still trying to get over her previous girlfriend but it's hard for him to do that ,seems like he needs someone's support . so depends upon you whether you still want him ?!

    if yes.,then you should ask him out for a coffee

    try not to bring up things which reminds him bad past, offer him your shoulder if you find him desperate,try to make him happy .

    your single action can make someone's day happy ,(you know the answer for how to do that)

    good luck :)

    • thank you :)

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    • ok thanks a lot! I hope this works out!

    • yo welcome :)

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