Is he interested or did I push him away?

Ive been talking to a Virgo male for a little while now who was in the marines/reserves for 6 years and I sense that he is interested in me but then again I'm not sure. I always catch him looking at me, when we "talk" he is very flirty and cute and clearly hints he likes me. He always favors my interest and gives the impression that he enjoys talking to me and likes to hear what I have to say and he wants to know if I ever think about him or what things I like about him. He doesn't talk about himself much though, reserved about that.. avoids it.. We say we like each other but don't really elaborate on it. but when we text he doesn't show as much interest replies hours later and I always have to text him first if I don't text him he won't text me, I feel like I have to chase him or he's is a little distant making me question where he wants to go with this..

Recently I asked him to walk me to my car after work and we said goodbye and hugged when I was in his arms I asked if I could get a kiss and he looked at me and said "patience". At that point I was a bit confused and shocked I went on to say "huh?,...uhhhh? not even on the forehead or cheek" he paused, hesitated a bit and said "ill give you one on the cheek" after I was still confused and tried joking it off with saying "well I'm going to head home now.. sad you rejected me I thought you liked me" he said "now your going to make me feel bad now" I told him I was joking he didn't believe me but said I was fine he said to text him and I said well I'm going to study just call me later e said okay.

Well he never called me and I never text him and I didn't talk to him the next day nor see him he never text me either. Now looking back on it I feel pretty dumb and easy, I think I pushed him away, came off to strong. I'm not trying to rush anything but I don't want to waste time either.

I don't know if he didn't want to flat out reject me so he let me down easy.

Should I talk to him? Should I let him do the moves now? Should I Back off? leave it alone and continue being me and not give the vibe I'm rushing? Do its simply mean he wants to take it slow build the friendship first then move further?... I don't know I'm over thinking things.

I mean if he wanted nothing with me then he would have just said so because we both grown here.. and if he wanted just to fool around then he would have kissed me... I'm making this into something bigger than it really is.

I would be straight forward but I feel hesitant on it, don't want to come off needy... ughh the word here truly is PATIENCE HAHAHA...


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  • What sign you are? an aries, taurus or saggitarian?

    • scorpio

    • i guess, from what you've written and your sign that you both will be perfect togather... :D But, honestly speaking, right now, he's just not that into you,... so, leave it upto time... and he may surprise you... And, don't freak about it... ITs as if you never had a bf... is it so?

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