Should I wait for him? Guys please help me.

I am talking to this guy who is a really nice down to earth guy. He has asked me out many times and we have gone out and he does treat me like he likes me I mean he has to have some type of feelings for me if he keeps asking me to hangout with him right? He sends me Good mornings an goodnight texts and on days he doesn't have school or work we have great conversations. Usually when we hang out we have good conversations too. I've met his parents and I've met his friends and recently he invited me to a double date with his friend and his girlfriend. They all seem to tell me that he always talks about me and other friends that I meet on the spot seem to already know me by name and seem to know things about me. But he hasn't made any moves on telling me he wants anything further. He's leaving in August to school and it's 8 hours away I don't know if maybe this is holding him back or whatever. I just don't want to gain more feelings for him if we aren't going to end up as anything. So what do you think I should do?


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  • remember "NOTHING IS FOREVER".

    if you're going to attach further feelings for him then you'll end up with more hurt feelings , if you get what I'm trying to say.

    so keep formal friendship with him and tell him that you're thankful to him for every favor he did for you ,that's a genuine way to tell him without hurting him; but like I mentioned earlier, don't get too deep with him further

    hope I helped :)

  • Talk to him about it. His feelings for you are really obvious. It's actually precisely how I usually act when I get feelings for someone. You'll have to ask him about it. And discuss your possibilities. Maybe you'll figure something out.


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