What are the chances of him choosing me over her?

Will he take me back

Ok I was with my boyfriend (now ex) for 4 years we were pretty serious and were to get married. However since we are from diff religious back grounds my family pressurized me to leave him.. I tries to convince them but they didn't agree. He had promised me he will convert to my religion if needed but then he back out. After that I broke off with him officially however we continued to be in touch and I never stopped doing stuff for him like taking care of him etc. I was in depression for last one year and my feelings had all dried up...i told him I didn't have any feelings for him. Early this year I started counseling and realized no matter what I love him and will go against my family and religion to be with him. I went back to him on 15th April and he said he is with a new girl since Jan and they had slept with each other. I was shocked as we were in constant touch and he had hidden this from me. He said he hid it Because I was already depressed, on further probing he said he doesn't love her but they are just having fun. I tried to convince him to leave her and take me back and we can get married.

He says no matter how things are he loves me and needs me but he is with someone else so I shouldn't have any expectations or hopes from him. I am fed up of chasing him for 1.5 months and told him today that he has to choose one and leave the other. If he wants her than I will cut complete contacts with him as I still love him .He said he needs time to think.

I have been with him in thick and thin when he was jobless, in troubles etc. not that I did a favor on him but just FYI. and he shares his problems with me and not with this new girl.

So guys my question is -what are the chances of him choosing me ?


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  • They are not that good..he seems to know that he can't have you whenever he wants, since he knows that he could come and go.