This girl told me not to talk to the guy I am I believe her or trust my own instict?

so I am talking to a guy. to me he seems so nerdy and sweet.

lately though, he won't try as hard to talk to me..he texts back 6 hours late. all that. part of me thought he didn't want to talk anymore but another part said I am being too paranoid and he like a lot of guys just want space..because I get really clingy.

this girl today saw me and I told her about it she was like don't talk to him! he was a huge player in high school. this that..she explained a few naughty things he did and how he was the biggest flirt. she also said if he is taking hours to reply that he is hinting that he does not want to be with me. I have told him though that he needs to be blunt way earlier

that was high school. he is now 21 and I am 20.

i don't know if I should listen to her or if I should trust my own gut. don't people change and grow?

also what do you guys suggest I do since he is being distant? do I just let him have his space or speak up? I don't want to scare him off I have been being super clingy lately. if he does not text back fast, I will send another text (big no no ).


btw he had not texted me a few weeks ago until two days after I had sent a text..i feel like if he wanted to stop, he would never have replied. but then I studied for school for two days and had not replied to him and when I finally did (a few days ago) he seemed more butthurt than happy to hear from me. I just don't know..and a week ago he was blowing up my phone saying he wants to see me. we usually text every day.
sorry for all the adds but what guy in high school does not want to fool around! every one does it. I feel like she made it into a bigger deal than needed. she does not even know him now. she knew the 18 year old him.


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  • do what YOU want. listening to others will never turn out correctly. if you get hurt you get hurt but at least you found out. it won't be the end of the world, plenty of fish in the sea

    • thank you I know I should. but this makes me even more scared as to why he is not giving me attention..