Am I being paranoid?

so I hooked up with the guy I've been talking too for like a month. and he was super super sweet, didn't want me to leave, all that.

so he texted me off and on all day, and just sent me one saying he's working and they're short staffed, but he's thinking about me. earlier he said all he could think about was me in his bed.

so am I paranoid thinking he's lost interest? I mean, he could just say he's busy and can't text, didn't have to add the thinking about me part right?


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  • Not yet just wait longer and if he doesn't contact you that much or try to hang out with you again than he lost interested.

  • why would he have lost interest if he's still texting you, and saying he's thinking of you?

    • he normally texts me all night. I've gotten 3 texts. and its been a long time since I had a morning after situation to deal with. I realize its probably stupid. but I'm driving myself insane

    • ohhh I misread the Q, I mean I wouldn't freak out now because he might be legit busy. Does he work weekends? if not wait till then and he he's cut down texting even more when you know he's free then you should start worrying. Good Luck hun =)

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