Should I e-mail him to wish him a happy birthday?

Last year when I found out when his b'day was I've always wanted to wish him a happy birthday.

What adds onto this is that he told me about how he spends his b'days alone and from how he said it, he really wanted someone to be there with him. Basically, b'days mean a lot to him.

The thing is... he's my ex and it was a LDR, never met him irl, the relationship didn't last long before he 'shutdown' and I left because I knew he didn't want to try anymore. It was clear he didn't want to talk to me or keep in contact but I'm not sure what the exact reason behind that is.

I've never thought about anyone's b'day as much as his (like nearly everyday - weird right) so even though I feel it would be really silly to e-mail him that short message, I still really want to?

Being as that exes are meant to cut contact, and the fact that we haven't talked for months since... and that I probably don't mean anything/much to him and that he might be angry at me?... should I wish him happy b'day next month?

Thanks for your input. Who wants BA? I can't decide who to give it to. :p


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  • If you show me where exs' are meant to cut contact, I will text him happy b'day myself. In other words, text him.

    • I don't know if he changed number. Do you think text over e-mail would be better considering he might not even get the message if he changed it?

    • Let's do both. Text him in the morning and if he doesn't respond by say mid-afternoon, e-mail him. If he gets upset about any of this, he's got some growing up to do.

  • I wouldn't do it. I would move on because it seems like you still like him a little and I think you should move on.

    But if you must I would say "happy birthday"and that's it. No how you been blah blah

    leave everything else! Just say happy birthday and be out!

    • I wasn't planning to say anything else besides something along the lines of... always wanted to say happy b'day to ya, and then basically saying happy b'day (probably not so casual though). :P

      I'm alright with the break up and I don't want anything to happen, even not wanting a friendship if you can believe that...

      I like things about him... not sure if I'm caught up about him but I respect his decisions and his actions even if I don't fully understand them and for the most part I'm well aware of

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    • Its your call if uoi wanna leave it leave it

      If you wanna say happy birthday to ya then do that

    • Me :)

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  • I say don't do it if he really did cut contact like that. It doesn't sound like he dumped you appropriately, and if he's not talking to you at all, I'd leave it alone.

    • lol you don't have to assign a BA. If you do, give it to the person whose advice you liked the best or who got the closest to what you think is the right reasoning. No one's going to be upset :o) It's your prerogative.

    • I liked them all tbh that's why I left it so long haha..

    • lol you're also not obligated to do it at all. But good choice :o) It was fair.